Introducing the Dashboard

With hundreds of founders submitting their startup every month it can take a while before we review your startup. Nobody likes waiting (well except for two people apparently), so many of you have suggested ways to make it a little more bearable. Based on that feedback we're introducing the Dashboard:


The Dashboard gives you an overview of all the startups you've submitted and what their status is. You can see where you are in the process and make changes to your submission if needed. If you'd like to speed things up you can easily expedite your review with a one-time payment of $99. 

If you're signed in to your BetaList account you can go ahead and have a look yourself:

At this point you might have a few questions which we'll try to answer below:

When will my submission get reviewed? We receive hundreds of startup submissions each week so the waiting queue is quite long. Currently it can take a few months to get featured. We realise this is a long time to wait, so we're considering redesigning the website and newsletter to allow for more startups to be featured each day.

My startup was rejected! Now what? Please double check your startup matches our selection criteria and all the info you provided is up-to-date. You can then simply edit the submission and submit it for another review.

What should I eat for dinner? It depends on where you're at with your startup, you could try ramen noodles or check out one of the food-related startups on BetaList for inspiration.

Feedback? Questions? Cats? Reply below!

Startups of 2015

About a year ago we published our Startups of 2014 listing the early-stage startups we believed we would hear more of in 2014. We're glad to report many are doing really well, some bootstrapping and going strong, others raising millions in funding and one of them got acquired by Apple.

Over the last 12 months we've published close to 1,500 additional pre-launch startups on Again, we've taken a look back and selected some our favorite startups we look forward hearing more about the coming year. Some recently launched while others are still in private beta.

Without further ado, here are our Startups of 2015!


Glose is a reading platform for inspired readers who want to share their thoughts through ebooks. It’s like an online bookclub that makes it more fun and social to read.


Homerun believes recruitment is a team sport. As with any team, it’s people that make the difference. Their skills and personalities make up your company and those assets are what attracts new talent; no matter what industry you're in.

Homerun enables you to tell your unique story, lets applicants tell theirs and invites your team to easily select the people that fit the job and suit your company best.


KingForADay appoints one community member per day for the entire community to chat with. Meet random new people. Use your Kingship as a platform for your cause. Engage the community with useful information, banter, and fun.

A new King is crowned every day. Chat and share pictures with the king, ask his/her opinion or advice. Even you can be King and chat with the whole community.


Solved knows how frustrating it is wasting hours digging through help forums and googling questions. It can be an even bigger problem when you realize that it is your employees who waste all this time instead of enjoying their work.

That's why they created a desktop app that provides any collaborator help on any software, at the push of a button. Solved relies on a community of hundreds of carefully selected experts that can be put in touch with you within seconds: you can share you screen, chat with them, and get any of your software problem… solved!


Wake is the best way to share visual work with your team. It’s simple, fast and will help all of us design better products by allowing ideas to be shared faster and more often. With Wake, you’ll know what everyone is working on without having to peek over each other’s shoulder. And you can browse through past work and explorations without having to dig through Dropbox folders or PSD’s.


Gymsurfing lets you book discount gym passes with two taps on your phone, starting as low as $5. If you are traveling, curious to try a different gym, hate the hassle of membership, or just want to access a fitness club's special amenities, never pay full day pass price again. Find nearby gyms, check out features of the gym, and reserve a pass for the day, week or month.


Mautic is the world's first open source marketing automation software and is a powerful tool which businesses and organizations can use to effectively communicate with their audience and market their products and services by improving their lead generation, nurturing, and tracking capabilities as well as email marketing, asset management, results analytics and a variety of other useful add-ons.


Userbin secures your authentication stack in minutes with two-factor authentication and real-time account protection. Our two-factor authentication is fully white-label and builds on well-known standards like Google Authenticator, SMS and phone calls. No proprietary apps to download or unfamiliar flows to learn for your users. Automatically prevent logins coming from the wrong places, including devices connecting from known bot nets, from behind hidden proxies and VPNs, or unexpected locations.


Atomic is building a better way of designing websites and apps, by letting you design interfaces, prototype behaviour and gather feedback, all in one seamlessly integrated platform.


Solid is an online meeting management tool that smartly helps you to get everyone prepared for a successful meeting, keep the meeting focused on the agenda, and receive actionable minutes right after the meeting.


Souvenir is an app for visualizing leisure travel. Upload GPS Data as well as pictures/videos and Souvenir will visualize the data of the itinerary on a custom map in a watercolor style. Browse through your pictures and tell your travel stories with certain information automatically added, such as the weather or the Wikipedia entry. Additionally, you can print the map as a poster.


Complete turns your to-do list into the perfect productivity tool by combining an intuitive task management system with a community that supports each other in completing tasks and accomplishing goals. Organize all your tasks on Complete and share tasks with friends, neighbors and experts to receive the advice, motivation and resources you need.

Last year the startups in our selection got tens of millions in funding and one of them even got acquired by Apple. Keeping in mind we're focussed on very early-stage startups with little history to go on we'd say that's a pretty decent track record and we're looking forward to see how well this year's selection will do.

Which startups are you looking forward beta testing in 2015? Leave your answers in the comments.

Startups of 2014

Here at Beta List we like to look forward so instead of giving you a review of last year’s startups we’re bringing you a preview of what we think will be some of next year’s hottest internet startups.


Exposure was created for photographers who want a more meaningful and effortless way to publish their work — in the context of a narrative, instead of a feed or single photo on a permalink page. We help you tell a great story, while putting your photography front and center. View Startup


Front is the first collaborative inbox for businesses. Work as a team on your company inboxes thanks to comments, assignments, notifications, activity feed and more. No more dirty bcc’s or unanswered emails on your support@, contact@, hello@, jobs@ addresses. View Startup


Peak is the automated way to keep track of what everyone is working on. There’s nothing to input, upload, or type out. Simply connect the services you already work with and Peak does the rest. No more interruptions. View Startup


August is where the world’s most talented artists are discovered and experienced by the world. A place where they can forge meaningful relationships that amplify their media, build their community, and ultimately, grant them the social and financial freedom to ceaselessly create. View Startup


Prss is the world’s most beautiful tool to create your own magazines on iPad. Prss will be free for everyone, so sign up today. View Startup


Snippit is a social music app that redefines the concept of expressing yourself with your favorite music. Create precise, 4-10 second clips from any song in your music library, attach to a photo, and share with friends. Is there a certain verse that would fit perfectly with a recent photo? Seamlessly snip the verse at the exact location in the song, attach it to the picture, and let others experience the moment with the right music that defines it. View Startup


ZenHub enhances every GitHub workflow with features built specifically for startups, fast-moving engineering teams, and the open-source community. The product is a browser extension that injects advanced functionality including customizable kanban-like boards, file uploads, and more, seamlessly into the GitHub interface. ZenHub allows you to centralize all processes into GitHub, keeping your team lean and agile. View Startup


snapCard is building a single-click check out for the internet. Registered users can connect their Coinbase wallet and shop on any website with their shopping bookmarket. View Startup


Shutter is a photo publishing platform with a focus on quality and meaningful photographs. Discover the world’s most interesting images and publish your very best work without having to compete with ads or snapshots of kittens. View Startup


Range helps you improve your time utilization. Instantly see: When can we start? Are we good for the next month? Is anyone overbooked? – Your team’s time is priceless. Take better care of it. View Startup


HelloHired is a new platform that enables progressive startups to easily and affordably showcase their jobs. For only $14 a month, companies can create customized profile pages and post an unlimited number of jobs. In addition to that, HelloHired also has built in analytics, collaboration, and application management so companies can not only monitor success but also review, organize, and respond to new candidates without ever cluttering their inbox. View Startup


Promo is a powerful promotion creation and management application that generates new business and encourages customer retention. The easiest way to promote a product, property, service or event. Use Promo to manage all aspects of your promotion from creation, customer support, payments, and fulfillment. View Startup


Updatey is focused on helping you submit project updates and visualize them in a way your team, clients, investors or just about anybody can understand. Updatey also helps you stay close to the action by notifying you whenever something happens; but if that’s too much ‘noise’, simply tell Updatey to only bother you when a specific milestone is reached. View Startup

image is an analytics platform allowing startups to track the metrics that actually matter. Looking at acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referrals allows a startup to grow effectively by applying Lean Analytics and Lean Startup principles. View Startup


Snapwire is a platform where talented mobile photographers shoot custom images for people around the world. Simply post an image request, and top mobile photographers respond by competing creatively to submit their best photos. Buyers get unique images that match their vision, and the winning photographers get paid. View Startup


Shyp is the fastest and easiest way to send your packages anywhere in the United States. We let you schedule a driver who comes to your house & pick up the raw items. We then professionally pack them and send them using the best carrier. View Startup


Scholica lets schools and organizations start their own e-learning platform in just a few clicks. It’s easy to use and we host, update and monitor the platform so users can just focus on using it. View Startup


SHADOW is a mobile application that helps you remember and record your dreams. SHADOW uses an escalating alarm that gradually transitions you from sleeping to waking and is ready to record when you turn off the alarm. View Startup

Which startups are you looking forward to beta test in 2014?

Announcing Beta List 3.0

I’m excited to announce a completely new Beta List design today! Head over to the homepage to see it in action.

We’ve given the whole site a complete make-over. The site is now responsive, and we’ve made it easier than ever to discover and browse through the almost 3,000 startups we have published to date. Here’s an overview of some of the newest features:

Trending Startups
We brought back an old feature called trending startups which shows you the most popular startups in the last week. You can find it on the homepage.

We’ve made the Markets functionality more accessible. You can now easily browse startups by different categories such as Education, 3D Printing, etc. You can view the full list (still in beta), or check out the homepage for trending markets.

Similar to the Markets feature you can browse startups by Region. For example check out all Asian startups, or those from the Netherlands. Browse the full list to find startups from your own country. 

Related startups
Anytime you’re viewing a startup article you will now be presented with a list of related startups at the bottom of the page.

We’re just getting started though. The design is still rough around edges and we’re still updating all the startup screenshots to a better quality. If you have any feedback just leave a comment below, or email me directly. Thanks in advance!


Marc / Founder of Beta List

Give-away: Daillly & Ambient Rings

Beta List Give-aways are a way for early adopters like yourself to get free startup swag such as t-shirts, subscriptions, free upgrades, etc. If you’re a startup looking for some extra exposure contact us to set up a give-away.

Do you have an iPhone or Android phone, but are still using one of those default ringtones? Well, now you can become one of the cool kids. Daillly (post) and Ambient Rings (post) have teamed up to provide you with a great deal on their ringtones. For just $1 you get 100 premium tones. And if that’s not even good enough, they gave us 6 packages to give away for free.

More info here: and

How to participate

Tweet something amusing and be sure to include the URL and @betalist so we can easily find your tweet.

The six most amusing tweets will get a link to redeem their free ringtones.