Announcing Beta List 3.0

I’m excited to announce a completely new Beta List design today! Head over to the homepage to see it in action.

We’ve given the whole site a complete make-over. The site is now responsive, and we’ve made it easier than ever to discover and browse through the almost 3,000 startups we have published to date. Here’s an overview of some of the newest features:

Trending Startups
We brought back an old feature called trending startups which shows you the most popular startups in the last week. You can find it on the homepage.

We’ve made the Markets functionality more accessible. You can now easily browse startups by different categories such as Education, 3D Printing, etc. You can view the full list (still in beta), or check out the homepage for trending markets.

Similar to the Markets feature you can browse startups by Region. For example check out all Asian startups, or those from the Netherlands. Browse the full list to find startups from your own country. 

Related startups
Anytime you’re viewing a startup article you will now be presented with a list of related startups at the bottom of the page.

We’re just getting started though. The design is still rough around edges and we’re still updating all the startup screenshots to a better quality. If you have any feedback just leave a comment below, or email me directly. Thanks in advance!


Marc / Founder of Beta List