Introducing the Dashboard

With hundreds of founders submitting their startup every month it can take a while before we review your startup. Nobody likes waiting (well except for two people apparently), so many of you have suggested ways to make it a little more bearable. Based on that feedback we're introducing the Dashboard:


The Dashboard gives you an overview of all the startups you've submitted and what their status is. You can see where you are in the process and make changes to your submission if needed. If you'd like to speed things up you can easily expedite your review with a one-time payment of $99. 

If you're signed in to your BetaList account you can go ahead and have a look yourself:

At this point you might have a few questions which we'll try to answer below:

When will my submission get reviewed? We receive hundreds of startup submissions each week so the waiting queue is quite long. Currently it can take a few months to get featured. We realise this is a long time to wait, so we're considering redesigning the website and newsletter to allow for more startups to be featured each day.

My startup was rejected! Now what? Please double check your startup matches our selection criteria and all the info you provided is up-to-date. You can then simply edit the submission and submit it for another review.

What should I eat for dinner? It depends on where you're at with your startup, you could try ramen noodles or check out one of the food-related startups on BetaList for inspiration.

Feedback? Questions? Cats? Reply below!